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  • Submissions are now closed. We will announce the dates of our submissions window for issue 3 in early 2024​.

  • If you are from a group or community that has to fight especially hard to have your creative work seen/heard, we'd love you to submit to us.

  • Previously unpublished work only.

  • One submission per person per submission period.

  • Please submit in one of the following categories:

  1. short story up to 4000 words​;

  2. creative nonfiction up to 4000 words;

  3. flash fiction up to 1000 words;

  4. poetry up to 3 pages. This can be between 1 and 3 poems. Please begin each poem on a new page;

  5. work in translation up to the word/page limit of the relevant category;

  6. visual art/photography up to 2 pieces (in a single document).

  • If you exceed the relevant word count or submit too many pieces, your work will not be considered.​

  • If you are submitting work-in-translation, you must first gain permission from the relevant publisher. Please include the text in its original language.

  • Your work must be submitted in one attachment  via our website link.

  • We do not accept submissions by email or outside the submissions period.

  • Please use a readable 12-point font: single-spaced for poetry (each poem on a new page) and 1.5-spaced for fiction and CNF.

  • Documents must be named as follows: Genre + title. For example: 'Short Story. The Yellow Wallpaper'; 'Poetry. How Do I Love Thee'; 'Visual art. Guernica.' For poetry please name the document using the title of the first poem.

  • Strong language or content is fine by us, but we have no time for exploitative, abusive or discriminatory pieces.

  • Please include content warnings where relevant. 

  • Do not include your name anywhere on the document itself as we are fully committed to reading blind. If your name appears on the document, the piece will not be read.

  • We believe writers and artists should get paid for their work. We are delighted to pay €200 for short stories or creative nonfiction (cnf) pieces, €100 per poem, €100 for flash fiction, and €100 per visual art piece published. Each contributor also receives a free copy of the magazine.

  • We’re all writers and we submit simultaneously ourselves, so feel free to do the same. But do let us know straight away if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

  • Upon publication all rights revert to the author. Some work published in the magazine may appear on the website at a later date. Extracts may also appear on our social media feeds.

  • We aim to respond to all submitters within three months of the end of the submission window – but response times may be impacted by the volume of submissions received. We will, however, reply to everyone and will strive to offer constructive feedback and encouragement.

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