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We four editors - Lucy, Patch, Rosie & Steve - produce The Four Faced Liar on a completely voluntary basis, motivated solely by our determination to support emerging writers and artists, and by all the heartwarming feedback we get from our contributors and readers. For Issue 2, we are thrilled to have received some funding from Cork City Council. And we will bid again for Arts Council funding later this year, hoping that the amazing feedback received for Issue 1 (and - fingers crossed! - Issue 2) will bolster our application and enable us to publish two issues in 2024.

In the meantime, our Issue 2 financial projections are showing a deficit. The cost of paying our writers and artists (a priority for us) plus funding the graphic design, the print run and the launch event outstrips the council grant. But a launch is so important, not only because it raises the profile of the journal – we got great coverage (and associated sales) last time – but also because it provides an opportunity for our writers to read in public, often for the first time, thus raising awareness of their brilliant work. The Issue 1 launch was a fabulous celebration and we very much intend that the Issue 2 event - again in the Firkin Crane, right beside the Shandon Bells (Cork’s famous ‘Four Faced Liar’) - will be even more wonderful.

In light of our current funding gap, we are seeking support for Issue 2, in one of two ways:

‘Buy Me a Coffee’ is a facility that enables people to donate anything from €5 (one coffee) to €25 (five coffees). If you’d like to do this, please go to:

Or - if you are in a position to make a much larger donation of €250 (or more) - you could consider becoming a Friend of the Liar.  In this case, please email us by Monday 25 September with ‘FRIEND’ in the subject line, and we will contact you with our bank details (IBAN) and reference code, and ask you to confirm whether or not you wish to remain anonymous. Each Friend of the Liar will receive a copy of Issue 2 (in which all non-anonymous Friends will be listed) and an invitation to the launch. And we hope that, once someone becomes a Friend, they will stay involved with us as The Four Faced Liar grows its output and its reputation as a first-rate Irish (Cork-based) literary journal.

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