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Image by Andre Taissin

We’re quietly confident we’ll secure full funding in 2023 – we’re going all out on that front.But we have to have something to show first. We have to prove our worth. Hence the need to crowd-fund Issue One. We’re ready and willing to dig into our own pockets we really believe in The Four Faced Liar; it already exists for us - but truthfully those pockets aren’t very deep (most of our wealth resides in our ideas, our enthusiasm, our imaginings and our collaboration).

This is where you - our writerly comrades - come in. We need your help to get The Four
Faced Liar into glorious print (turns out that whoever said print was in its death throes was – hallelujah! - lying to us) with a decent rate paid to contributors from Issue 1 onwards - no ifs or buts there.

So, if you love literature and art, and have a few euros to spare, if you’ve earned a little (or a lot) from your own writing/art and want to support emerging writers and artists to get their cherished words and images into print, if you think that anything that rises from the banks of the Lee must surely be worth a punt, or if you simply feel some empathy for four optimistic souls who’re working long unpaid hours to bring this idea to fruition, then please go to our fundit page to make your donation, however small or large.  Oh, and just in case supporting The Four Faced Liar to take its first tentative steps isn’t reward enough, there are some goodies waiting for anyone who contributes €50 or more.

We offer our heartfelt thanks in advance for any help you can give us. We're all looking forward to whatever lies ahead, and hope you'll stick with us throughout, whether as reader, writers, financial backers, or - better again - all three.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh!